Work on 2014-07-11

Tags: kallithea docker

New info regarding Docker, ENTRYPOINT, and CMD.

Read the CMD docs carefully

I thought I could use ENTRYPOINT to load up environment variables and do some voodoo with the ini file to get the database connection configured correctly:

ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/bash", "--rcfile", "/code/.figrc", "-c"]

So then anything I ran would run after the /code/.figrc loaded. Except that doesn’t happen. Read the CMD docs again, and you’ll see that if the first argument is an executable, it will be executed via the following: /bin/sh -c, so no /code/.figrc.

/me sighs

/me comes back after 15 minutes

These are not general purpose images. They’re specifically to run test suites. Why do I care about them working for every case? I can just write a wrapper script and call it a day.