Work on 2014-06-11

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Investigating the Devstack Gate documentation. Seems to be more out of date than I originally expected, or I don’t understand where things run. It mentions a matrix job called devstack-update-vm-image, but reviewing the job list shows that jobs matching that description haven’t run in 9-10 months:

  • devstack-update-vm-image-hpcloud-az1
  • devstack-update-vm-image-hpcloud-az2
  • devstack-update-vm-image-hpcloud-az3
  • devstack-update-vm-image-rackspace
  • devstack-update-vm-image-rackspace-dfw
  • devstack-update-vm-image-rackspace-ord

Looking further, all devstack-update-vm-image and devstack-check-vms- jobs are disabled.

I suspect that all of this work migrated to the Nodepool project. contains a directory listing with logs that have recent time stamps. Promising.

The log output (warning, 20MB) seems to confirm my suspicion.

Found the provider configurations minus credentials and the bootstrap scripts.

I sent an email to the openstack-infra mailing list for clarification.