API Goodness with Mailgun, Trello, and gspread

Tags: openstack python

We’re about to open registration for OpenStack Upstream Training, and we needed to glue together Google Spreadsheets, Trello, and email to streamline the registration process.

The gspread and Trello APIs were easy to use, as expected.

I had my doubts about Mailgun, because there was no suggested Mailgun library. Instead, the docs recommended developers just install Requests. I expected to write some boilerplate as a result, but they proved me wrong.

Check out the Mailgun docs for sending an email. Examples in 6 languages and curl, and the examples update with your API endpoints and auth data if you’re logged in. That’s some Twilio level documentation, and I’m now a huge fan.

If you want to see how we tie the systems together, check out the openstack-upstream-registrar code. I’d like to morph that short script into a small web application that will guide developers through the ATC process. Reach out if you’d like to help!

Back on the topic of the training itself: we’re always looking for more in-class mentors and assistants! If you’ll be in Tokyo on October 25th and 26th, please consider registering as an assistant.